De-winterizing a pontoon boat can be accomplished in a few simple steps. Assuming that you took the time to properly winterize your boat, you will have saved yourself some trouble and aggravation when the Spring comes. Here is a guide for getting your pontoon boat in top shape and ready for the water.

Prepare the Engine

Re-connect the spark plug wires and flush the antifreeze out of the cooling system (inboard/outboard models only). Replace the antifreeze with a 50/50 mix of coolant and water.

Inspect the propeller for any dents or damage from the previous season that may hamper performance.

When you are ready to go, replace the battery and test the engine.

Replace and Test Electronics

Be sure to replace any GPS systems, compasses, depth finders, or other electronics and test them before going out on the water.

Inspect the Pontoons

Check under your boat thoroughly for any dents, damage, or potential leaks in your pontoons. Any potential problems should be dealt with immediately in order to maximize your time on the water and avoid any potential problems later on.

Inspect the Vinyl and Canvas

Double-check your seats, covers, bimini top, and any other vinyl or canvas items for dirt, mildew, cracks or tears. Clean with appropriate cleaners for canvas or vinyl and repair any tears or holes.

Polish the metal

The metal and teak on your boat (also referred to as brightwork) should be polished and maintained regularly. Not only will this keep your boat looking its best, it will help to prolong its life. Extended neglect of these materials can lead to subtle damage that will compromise the integrity.