Fast Pontoon Boats

Tahoe builds fast pontoon boats that are comfortable, safe, and stylish too. Fly past competitors’ boats, handle sharp turns, and enjoy skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding with the Waveglider System.

Our patented Waveglider System adds a center pontoon to your boat, increasing speed and handling. Your boat will be able to cut through waves with less drag, giving you a smoother, faster glide. The following pontoon boats are the fastest when equipped with the Waveglider.

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Cascade Cruise

The mid-range Cascade is frequently mistaken for a very expensive model.

Price Range:

$24,218.75 to $28,281.25

2017 Cascade Cruise Pontoon Boat


Cascade Rear Lounge

The versatile Rear Lounge Cascade offers two extra wide rear-facing sun lounge benches with large storage areas along with a side bench and bow benches is a very popular all around model.

Price Range:

$26,679.69 to $28,125

2017 Cascade Rear Lounge Pontoon Boat


Cascade Rear J Lounge


Price Range:

$26,562.50 to $29,375

2017 Cascade Rear J Lounge Pontoon Boat - Rear View


Cascade Quad Lounge

Our most affordable version of the Quad Lounge floor plan.

Price Range:

$25,468.75 to $29,101.56

2017 Cascade Quad Lounge Pontoon Boat


Cascade Entertainer

The Cascade Entertainer is like having your own all inclusive resort on the water.

Price Range:

$30,078.13 to $31,718.75

2017 Cascade Entertainer Pontoon Boat