LTZ Cruise

LTZ Cruise Pontoon Boat

Full Size LTZ Cruise models offer the luxurious design and rigid structure you expect from an Tahoe deco inspired mode with Bow benches and curvered rear bench interior.

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LTZ Fish

LTZ Fish Pontoon Boat

The LTZ Fish is the perfect pontoon for a day of fishing on the lake. The LTZ Fish comes in both Quad Fish and Rear Fish. The quad fish is a four point fishing machine. The rear Fish has a standard cruise bow with benches for the whole family with 2 fishing chairs and fishing console in the rear.

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LTZ Rear Lounge

LTZ Rear Lounge Pontoon Boat

The versatile Rear lounge LTZ offers 2 extra wide rear facing sun lounge benches with large storage areas along with a side bench and bow benches is a very popular for sunbathers and cruisers alike.

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LTZ Windshield

LTZ Windshield Pontoon Boat

The Tahoe LTZ windshield is the newest addition to the windshield family. Featuring a full width integrated windshield, the LTZ windshield series is sure to impress on the water.

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LTZ VRB/VRL Pontoon Boat

The LTZ Versatile Rear Bench and Versatile Rear Lounge is the newest addition to our Versatile pontoon floorplans. By changing the position of the rear back rest you can go from cruising to sun bathing in seconds!

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