Tips for Buying a Used Pontoon Boat

If you are looking into buying a used pontoon boat because affordability is a priority, first make sure to consider one of our brand new and extremely affordable models. These boats were created specifically to offer the very best quality and features at prices at or below those of a used pontoon boat. One of our most affordable models, the GT was created with the idea that it could be built upon and customized over time.

Two men fishing off of their pontoon boat.
Two passengers on a small pontoon boat.

Should you decide to purchase a used pontoon boat, please consider these tips for buying a used pontoon boat.

1. Furniture condition: Cracks and tears in the furniture could signify that the boat was not properly stored.

2. Pontoon condition: Water inside the pontoon could be a result of a leak and could lead to cracks and corrosion.

3. Gauge condition: Bouncing gauges reduce accuracy.

4. Flooring condition: Mold or mildew could be a sign rotting which will reduce the structural integrity of the deck.

5. Canvas condition: Cracks or other damages in the material prevent complete protection of your investment.

6. Motor condition: There are various possible motor issues. These should be attended to immediately for safety purposes.

If you find a used pontoon boat with these or any other issues, consider buying a new pontoon boat instead. Get our 10 year bow to stern warranty and avoid dealing with these problems.

Pontoon Boat Appraisal

If you need to calculate the value of your Tahoe used pontoon boat please visit the link below and select your boat’s specifications. It will supply you with the blue book value of your boat.


*Remember that prices listed online are not necessarily accurate.  Any upgrades or special options will influence the actual resale value of the boat.