Electric Pontoon Boats

Turn your Tahoe into an electric pontoon boat for use on smaller or shallow lakes, or lakes where internal combustion engines are prohibited. Electric motors are environmentally and budget friendly, as they don’t require ongoing fuel costs. The following Tahoe pontoon boats accommodate electric engines.

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Sport CRB/QL

Americas Economical Compact Pontoon! You can take the stylish Tahoe Sport anywhere

Price Range:

$11,953.13 to $13,750.00

2017 Sport CRB Studio View

Sport Fish

Price Range:

$11,914.06 to $14,023.44

2017 Sport Rear Fish - Morning Fishing

GT Cruise

Enjoy unexpected high-quality features in this practical, affordable traditional interior.

Price Range:

$13,710.94 to $18,125

2017 GT Cruise - Arial Studio View

GT Fish

This versatile GT layout allows for fishing, sunbathing, or just relaxing anywhere on the boat. The GT pontoon is the most affordable quad lounge model available.

Price Range:

$13,984.38 to $17,539.06

2017 GT Quad Fish - Studio View

GT Quad Lounge

The GT Quad Lounge with 4 spacious benches ready to take your family and friends out on the lake! Featuring Tahoe’s premium construction the GT Quad Lounge will definitely exceed your expectations!

2019 GT Quad Lounge Pontoon Boat