2013 Tahoe Pontoon Boats Catalog - page 3

would collect from rain during storage is
expelled through a drain channel and off
the boat. This significantly reduces the
potential for stains that develop in the
corners over time.
Reflective safety striping
Tahoe adds an additional level of night safety
with striping that can be seen from a
distance when exposed to light.
Industry’s strongest double-bolted
motor pod assembly
thickness with integrated splash fins.
thick aluminum sheathed transom is fully
welded. The entire pod is double bolted with
at least 16 3/8" bolts and supported by more
heavy-duty “C” channels crossbeams than
any other pontoon boat.
Superior quality pontoon tube
thickness H5052 marine aluminum
alloy. Multi-baffled near each weld for
maximum strength and air lock.
Hand-welded to rigid standards.
The best crossbeam and
deck construction
Tahoe Deco Series pontoon boats feature
the latest in heavy-duty hull construction. 3"
high, extreme thickness C channel
crossbeams are bolted to the full riser with
heavy-duty stainless bolts, nuts and
washers. Then 3/4", pressure injected,
lifetime guaranteed flooring is bolted to the
crossbeams using superior grade stainless
steel bolts secured permanently with
stainless nylock lock nuts and washers.
Strongest bow eye
Our standard equipment stainless bow eye
is connected across three crossbeams with
a 1/4" aluminum reinforcement strap.
Excellent strength for haul-out.
Wall joints
Wall joints welded on all four sides for
extra strength.
construction features
Tahoe’s Construction Process, take
a plant tour
by simply scanning in the
QR Codes
below with
your smart device to see a video of the Tahoe factory.
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