2013 Tahoe Pontoon Boats Catalog - page 2

Plush seat cushions
Instead of buying pre-cut cushion material –
we produce our own marine-grade cushion
material and generously provide a 25%
thicker, softer seat cushion.
Exclusive! Aluminum seat frames
Clearly superior. Lifetime warranty.
Aluminum seat frames are stronger, have
extra large compartments for over 30%
more storage capacity and have “Flo thru
ventilation from the outside. “Flo thru
allows your equipment to dry out, even
while the cover is on and keeps the entire
compartment drier so mildew or fungus is
less likely to develop. Aluminum frames
won’t crack or hold water like plastic, either!
Heavy-duty nose cone with our
industry-first integrated nose
cone splash fins!
The absolute strongest in the industry. The
thickness and one-piece construction
makes it virtually impossible to break off a
splash fin. The double-wrapped leading edge
provides maximum impact protection.
Stronger! Double full
pontoon connectors
Most models feature full riser pontoon
connections inside and outside. Unlike our
competitor’s “small but skirted” riser
connectors. Full risers provide continuous
strength along the entire pontoon.
Exclusive! Deco Series
side keel protection
Special welded keels protect against damage
from side impact. They also provide better
performance as they limit the flow of water
around the pontoon.
Interior drain
Tahoe now exclusively has a drain in the
corner of the rear bench where water that
Tahoe’s exclusive Matrix 50 heavy-duty
ounce marine seat covering with a
substructure is tested strongest
against tears and punctures.
New Herringbone multi-directional stretch
backing promotes quicker recovery.
Greater stitch strength.
Permaguard stain protection.
Ounce Vinyl
Adhesive Layer
Herringbone / Multi-directional
stretch substructure backing
Vinyl Film
Tahoe Pontoons offers these exclusive heavy duty
Luxury & Strength
Our total commitment to making the finest pontoon boats in the world has
brought you the exciting Tahoe pontoons. These luxurious boats are a beautiful
composition of the finest elements known to pontoon boating, along with over
years of pontoon boat manufacturing experience. The finest construction,
the most luxurious designs and the largest group of unique standard features
create a distinctly different and clearly superior pontoon boat that will exceed
your expectations.
Tahoe is a vertically integrated builder. We manufacture the pontoons, framing,
furniture, covers and more right in our own production facility using the latest
computer driven equipment such as our Water Jet cutter, Gerber fabric cutter,
Tiger saws and the latest in welding technology. As a result we are able to
achieve and control the highest degree of quality.
Our Number One investment, however, is our people. Tahoe’s team of highly
experienced welders, furniture makers and assemblers descend from
generations of Midwestern craftsmen who have been instrumental in the
building of America. Our headquarters-based customer service people will
make sure your experience is exceptional.
Tahoe is rated as having one of the lowest incidents of warranty claims in the
industry and has also received the NMMA CSI Award for outstanding customer
service and quality 5 years in a row.
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